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holistic health coach
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Vegan Ceviche
live in harmony with the universe

Root to Rise strives to uplift our world through health education and awareness. I focus on body, mind & spirit re-connection to encourage optimum health and happiness. 


I serve you delicious plant-based, vegan, gluten-free and raw recipes

each week that focus on the use

of whole, real & fresh ingredients. 


New links, videos, tips and techniques are added each week to 'Health & Wellness'. Through education we can learn and grow together in our journey  in and through all layers of the self. 

Join my quest for zest on the travel blog, 'Around The World'. Get tips for 

backpacking on a budget, best vegan restaurants abroad, places to see, & things to do! 


Check out my published vegan recipe ebooks and holistic health guide books under 'Shop'. 

taking a natural and integrated approach to health & wellness 
Holistic health-
Body, mind, spirit
vegan cheese cake
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