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Discounts & Promotions

Discounts & promotions

Root to Rise has teamed up with several other companies to help make your holistic health journey easy, convenient and affordable! Remember, health does not just include diet, it involves mindful lifestyle practices and a positive state of mind. So take advantage of these in-store and online discounts to aid in your personal transformations and journey to optimum health! With a purchase you will not only be elevating yourself but simultaneously be supporting small and local businesses! 

Use the Root to Rise promo code when booking your next juice fast through The Initiation. Leading the monthly, 7-day, online retreats is my health coach teacher, Andrea Paige. Fasting is the quickest, clearest and safest way to reclaim your health and alleviate symptoms of discomfort, illness, and disease.

With this online retreat you will be gaining education around health, be guided pre-fast, have community support throughout the 7 days, get juice recipes, and post fast instruction. 


I am happy to collaborate with a talented artist, yogini and friend, Mittie Dodge, to bring you a discount on her beautiful tea towels, bags & totes, jewelry hangers, and handmade seed paper cards. Get 15% off your purchase with the promo code: RoottoRise. Mittie's designs are not only beautiful, unique, and encourage sustainability, but her company is centered around reminding others of the divinity that lies within us all.


Her creations, she so beautifully states, "help us REMEMBER that we have been given the greatest opportunity, the most beautiful gift. We are here to CREATE and experience each other’s unique creations. We are here to FEEL. We are here to UNDERSTAND and to find our center and offer each other a different aspect of the Divine!"  I have a feeling you're going to love the creations just as much as I do, for personal 'To: Me, From: Me' presents or gifts for others.


Support local and spread the love. 

Book your astrology reading with Caroline Naughton, using the promo code: Root to Rise, for a 60 minute $66 USD consultation reading. Learn how the stars aligned during your first breath and how this influences your habits, behaviors and personality for life. As the moon and planets shift daily/monthly, this effects our inner constitution of star dust. Being aware of astrology can bring clarity and understanding to your sense of self and how you relate with others and the world. 

Get a 10% discount in-store with the mention of Root to Rise, or use the discount code "Greensboro" at the online store! The medicinal qualities of plants are a great way to aid in holistic health and lifestyle. Apotheca puts an emphasis on education and knowledge surrounding their products. To ensure quality and accurate dosage their products are independently tested. They pride themselves in providing the best customer service possible, as well as creating an environment welcoming to everyone. New to using plant remedies or want to know more about the benefits CBD provides, ask the experts at Apotheca! Whether your looking for topical creams, capsules, ingestible goods, bath salts...they've got it all! I loveee their CBD juices and the bath salts for a relaxing soak! For Apotheca's store location, hours, and online shop, check the link.

Check daily deals under "Details and exclusions" at the very top of the Ninja website page! This is my favorite blender that I use to make all my smoothies! I also use my food processor attachment to make hummus, dips, dressings, cashew cheese, crust and filling mixtures and so much more! It's a kitchen staple and great quality. There custom service is always happy to help when you have questions or trouble! 

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