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plant-based & gluten-free Recipes

Find all my plant-based, gluten-free recipes in my digital recipe collections!


From smoothie bowls to plant-based breakfasts, snacks, main meals, sauces and desserts...


Sign up for free and sample some of my favorite recipes or enroll in the specific course that interests you to receive access to all the recipes.  

Whether you're looking to up your plant intake, address health problems, transition to a plant-based diet, boost culinary creativity, build kitchen confidence, or just eat 'easy to prepare - delicious to eat' foods, I have no doubt you'll find inspiration in my self-paced courses/recipe collections! 

This small investment in yourself is sure to bring sustainable, long-term results to your overall health and wellness. I also appreciate your contribution to my efforts in bringing you quality holistic health content and reliable resources for mind, body, spirit connection. 

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