Welcome inside my kitchen! You'll find all of my recipes are plant-based / vegan, and most are gluten free or optional GF. I try to keep ingredients clean and steps fairly simple. I'm a chef by passion and self study, so no previous culinary skill sets are needed.  A wholesome diet is an essential part of holistic health. Nourishing the body with plant power will help you maintain or reach optimum body, mind and spiritual health. 

Check the "Recipe" drop down menu on the header at the top of the page to delve into something delicious: my smoothie & juices, breakfast, main meal, dips & dressings, snacks, and sweat treat recipes! Each recipe is created with love, so make sure to add a couple dashes of your own passion and spirit into the mix. 

Allow your intuition and inner chef to guide you through the recipes! Think of them as rough guidelines. Measurements don't have to be super exact, add in more of what you like, leave out what you don't, and make it your own unique creation! You can't go wrong, I promise! Make sure to lick the spoons and eat with a smile! 

In My Kitchen: Essentials

Set yourself up for success along your wellness journey! Make life in the kitchen easy and convenient by having all the essential kitchen tools and equipment. This way you'll be prepared to throw together any smoothie, toss together any salad or stir-fry, or process a new dip without a hassle or an ounce of stress.

Check daily deals under "Details and exclusions" at the very top of the Ninja website page! This is my favorite blender that I use to make all my smoothies! I also use my food processor attachment to make hummus, dips, dressings, cashew cheese, crust and filling mixtures and so much more! It's a kitchen staple and great quality. There custom service is always happy to help when you have questions or trouble! 

One time I called customer support because the lid broke (I don't blame the product, it was from my constant use). Unfortunately, they no longer sold the part that I needed...and my year warrantee was up. However, on the call they so kindly arranged to ship a whole new model (that came with a food processor as well) for just $20! I was overcome with gratitude, and this type of kindness, as well as the quality of the brand, is why I like to recommend Ninja and purchasing through them rather than a retail store. 

I love the flat bottom of these measuring spoons so if you have to rest it on the counter when it's full, it won't spill over. The magnetic and stackable properties allow you to save space and keep your kitchen drawers organized. Having a narrow and a rounded end allows you to easily scoop from spice jars or narrow lids.


I love a handheld spiralizer for quick and easy veggie noodles. This works perfect when you're cooking for yourself or your family. 

You can typically find a similar model at your closest cooking store or home goods retail store (such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, etc.)

These reusable mats are a kitchen staple! They save so much time, money, and waste! They are quick to clean, easy to store, fit to your pan, and help reduce kitchen waste. 

I love this reusable alternative for plastic wrap. It molds easily to the shape of your bowl/dish, is easy to clean (just rinse in warm water), and stores neatly. You can even use it to wrap pre-cut vegetables or fruits. It lasts for such a long time, reducing kitchen waste! 

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