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Argentina (2017)

Where To Go

My Quest For Zest...


Buenos Aires

Puerto Iguazu

El Calafate

El Chalten



After nearly six months in South America backpacking through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia my will to continue further was strong but my funds were nearing zero, so I returned home for work. I spent months in the States working hard, sharing my new worldly knowledge with anyone that was willing to listen and saving as much money as I could. Another trip was quickly manifesting in my mind. It wasn't long after the new year that I returned to South America to trek through Chile and Argentina. I spent the majority of the time on this trip in a tent, moving from one trek to the next. The food wasn't as plentiful for a vegetarian, so I felt my health slip as I survived off of empanadas, white bread, peaches, and an avocado when I was lucky.

Argentina is a huge country, and I honestly didn't have so much time to spend exploring it's vastness. However, the nature that I was fortunate to experience was top notch! Going to Iguazu Falls has been a dream of mine for years, so literally...a dream come true when I arrived. The amounts of water cascading down the earth is something that must be felt through all the senses combined, an image doesn't do it justice. It so powerful and cleansing listening to natures roar and feeling the mist on your face. Rainbows were cast during reflections with the sun making it a truly magical experience. If it couldn't get any better, maybe it was the season or just a lucky day, but there were thousands of butterflies swarming through the park, and they weren't shy! They would land on you, and you could walk nearly half and hour before it would leave your shoulder. I spotted a crocodile, toucans, and many coatis throughout the park. On the Argentinian side of the falls, it's best to spend 2 days in the park. There is a lot to see and many different angles to experience the natural wonder. Unfortunately, as an American you have to have a visa to enter the Brazilian side of the park that's upwards of $100. I didn't want to pay this for a half day tour, so it leaves me an excuse to travel Brazil in the future...

On the contrary to waterfalls and sunshine, El Chalten in southern Patagonia gave one of my favorite camping experiences. You can hitch hike (on a good day, I thumbed for about 6 hours before hitching a ride) from El Calafate to El Chalten. El Calafate is a cute city to visit with some good cafes. You can visit a famous glacier, Perito Moreno from here. Being dropped in El Chalten, my boyfriend at the time and I prepared for a camping trip on the mountain Fitz Roy. It's a breath taking range that turns pink in the early sunrise. You trek in and can walk to different camping spots over a span of several days. However, after strenuous trekking in Chile, this seemed more of camping than trekking. It was laid back, walks were easy, and the conditions were favorable. Climbing up to the base of the Fitz gave a sense of freedom. The views were stunning, I caught a mini avalanche of snow and ice cascading into the lake, and the peace and silence lingering in the early morning crisp air was unbeatable.

For a city feel I visited Buenos Aires. It's a must that you catch a Fuerza Bruta Show. It's so interactive, captivating and fun! I was able to stroll through some of the local street markets (ask your accommodation for times and locations) buying some unique souvenirs like mate cups and Palo Santo. The whole streets can be filled with items! Take a stole though the neighborhood La Boca and visit the soccer stadium, La Bombonera while you're in the area. There is a famous cemetery in the city, Recoleta Cemetery. There are plenty of parks, museums, shopping, and restaurants to fill your travel days here.

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