Beyond Beet Juice

Juices are great to detox the body, gain nutrients/calories without activating the digestive system, and they keep you feeling healthy and happy! This sweet apple and beet juice is loaded with additional veggies like carrot, cucumber, and fresh herbs. The vibrant color shouts vitality and nutrition!

Raw I Vegan I Gluten-Free

Serves: 1 -2

Time: 10 minutes

2 large sweet apples, chopped

1 large beet root, peeled & chopped

1 large carrot, chopped

1 cucumber, chopped

1 large handful lemon basil (or herb of choice)

Prepare the produce, washing, peeling and chopping as needed.

If using a juicer, slowly press all ingredients. The pulp will automatically be separated from the juice. Pour in a glass and enjoy!

If using a blender, add all the ingredients along with a little bit of water. Mix on medium-high. When everything has processed and broken down, use a strainer, cheese cloth or nut bag to separate the juice from the pulp. Squeeze out all the liquid into a bowl/glass.

Drink fresh!

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