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Blueberry Chia Pudding

Vegan I Gluten Free

Time: 10 minutes + overnight soaking

Serves: 2-4 (depends on how hungry you are!)

1 cup chia seeds

5 cups plant-based milk

1 tsp. vanilla

1 cup frozen wild blueberries

Toppings: fruit, nuts, seeds, shredded coconut, chocolate, almond butter, etc.

In a large container or jar, add the chia seeds, plant-based milk and vanilla. Stir well to combine. Let rest 3-5 minutes, then stir again, making sure to mix the bottom of the container, breaking up and clumps with your spoon. Place in the fridge overnight or at least 4 hours.

The chia mixture is ready when the seeds have absorbed the liquid and grown in size. Spoon some of the mixture into your serving bowls or glass. Place the remaining portion of the chia mixture into the blender along with the blueberries. Pulse or mix until the blueberries are incorporated. Top the glasses with the blueberry chia. Add your favorite toppings!

You can make the chia puddings and store in the fridge for a pre-made breakfast.

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