Bolivia (2016)

Where To Go

My Quest For Zest...


La Paz

Death Road

Uyuni Salt Flats

Lake Titicaca

Isla Del Sol


Rio Verde



After traveling through Ecuador and Peru, I found myself settling into Bolivia for exploration. I explored Lake Titicaca and Isla Del Sol. I spent time volunteering on an organic farm, and taking Spanish lessons to improve upon my basic vocabulary. I trusted myself to bike Death Road, nevertheless riding the brakes the whole way. I adventured into the unknown sailing down the Rio Verde on a raft that newly made friends and I constructed out of wood and tubes. And, of course, visited the famous Salt Flats.

Lake Titicaca and Isla Del Sol can be accessed from Puno in Peru or from La Paz on a tour. Lake Titicaca was super unique, but a bit too touristy for me personally. I however had a great experience on Isla Del Sol. It's a quite island that offers beautiful views, hiking, and relaxing. I felt a more authentic feel there from the locals. I was lucky to arrive over a holiday, watching women in their local dress arrive, dance and laugh was a fun event to participate in.