Gili Islands, Indonesia (2020)

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The ferry from Nusa Lembongan to the Gili Islands was a longer haul; however, it was a smooth journey and you could even sit on the top of the boat for a great view! Gili T is the first stop. I had planned to stay several days here but after arriving I quickly realized it wasn’t really my vibe, and just stayed one night before transitioning to Gili Air. Gili T is known as the party island between the 3 Gili Islands: T, Meno, and Air. I found the small island too over developed, despite the fact that there’s no traffic (just horse and carriage or bicycle for transport). Restaurant after restaurant is blaring it’s own music and there are so many tourists it felt a bit like holiday over back-packer energy. Around sunset, I was watching people pay to take pictures on a horse in the water or was distracted by the sound of drones flying overhead that I wasn't able to focus on the beautiful nature...

Gili T and Gili Air travel guide. Backpacking Gili T and Gili Air, Indonesia. What to do on the Gili islands. Where to stay on the Gili islands. Best vegan food on Gili Air.