Holiday Fruit Tree

Get creative and have fun making this festive holiday fruit tree. It's fruit art! It's simple and easy, and can be enjoyed by all ages. I guarantee you'll have fun making it and enjoy eating it! It's the perfect afternoon snack or platter to share. This apple tree serves as a healthy holiday potluck!

Vegan I Gluten Free I Raw

Serves: 4+

Time: 15 minutes

1 - 2 green apples, sliced

1/2 star fruit, sliced

1 kiwi, peeled and half-mooned

1 handful red grapes, halved

1 handful almonds

Wash, peel and cut the fruit according to the above recommendations.

Begin to arrange the apples in your most creative tree formation!

Add the remaining fruit for decoration.

Use the almonds to create the trunk of the fruit tree.

Use remaining fruit to decorate the edges of the platter.

Serve and enjoy!

Best eaten fresh.

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