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Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia (2020)

My Quest For Zest...

What To Do

What To Eat




I only spent two nights here (in an amazing bungalow) but because my limited exploration time it’s hard to say how much time on this island is recommended. I was just passing through on the way to the Gili Islands. There seems like plenty of beaches to explore and surf spots to hit. Friends have also done their diving courses here, saying it's beautiful marine life and cheaper than other islands.

What To Do

1. There is a famous surfing spot, The Playground, and a couple others near by. It’s a long paddle out, but can be a fun time whether you’re beginner or advanced.

2. Diving/Snorkel. I didn’t dive on Lembongan, but I’ve heard from friends and travelers that there is amazing aquatic life here.

Where To Eat

1. Thai Pantry. It was low season when I was passing through, so the restaurants weren’t crowded and didn’t stay open very late at night. I did enjoy a nice meal at the Thai Pantry, which was a super cute cafe overlooking the water!

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