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Smoothie Recipe Book

Root To Rise Books:

My personal mission for the past years has been to spread health education and food awareness. With the creation of Root to Rise, it is no surprise that that is the foundation I build upon. The Root to Rise books series is based in love and the intention to help you find the appropriate path to your unique journey of optimum health. I provide you with information, tips, and recipes, and you take away from it what suits your body and lifestyle. You are in charge of your health, so it's crucial to inform yourself! I hope these books will simultaneously offer you education and inspiration!  


Vegan Thai Recipe book

Quest For Zest: Thailand is the first release (October 10th, 2020) of an around the world recipe series. I travel and explore the markets, local restaurants, unique ingredients and authentic dishes in a country, getting a first hand taste of the culture. I then create and cook in my own kitchen healthy, plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, and raw variations of the original dishes. 

I hope you enjoy the innovative yet traditionally inspired food I'm serving you through this ebook publication. In this Thailand Edition, you'll get yummy smoothies, street food, curries and homemade curry paste recipes, Pad Thai variations, desserts...

Your support and purchase of this ebook helps fund Root to Rise's mission, growth, and continued recipe creation! 

Natural healing and health

Hardback Books

Setting the Foundation is a natural health and wellness guide book. It gives clear and concise information so you can better understand our food: where it comes from and how it effects the body. The content presented in this book will help you better understand what is best for you and your body along your journey to optimum health. It includes information about the USA food industry, how to shop "smart" and on a budget, how to clear out the bad and add in good ingredients and kitchen essentials, how to make healthy living easy and sustainable, vitamin and mineral guides, a list of hidden names for sugar and MSG, a list of commonly found chemicals in our food and how they effect the body, how to create a healthy home, and so much more! Whether you are just beginning your journey to healthy and conscious living or you have been practicing mindful living for years, this book will offer new inspirations and knowledge. ($35.00 + tax)

Smoothie Recipe Book

Smoothies is the first recipe book released of the series. It contains all my smoothie recipes to keep your mornings energized and nutritious. It's filled with heath tips, vibrant photos, shopping lists, tips to make this routine and effortless, and a guide to building your own smoothie creations! ($30.00 + tax)

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