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Yoga & Meditation

By: Cameron Klass

A research paper on healing trauma on all levels through trauma-informed yoga. A brief overview of yoga, trauma, how trauma effects the body and brian, and what is trauma-informed yoga (TIY). I explain how TIY helps heal on the

physcial, mental and energetic level. Insight into alternative medicine and natural healing for sustainable and

long-term health & happiness.

Join me in a daily 3 minute moving plank to build full body strength! This short tutorial makes plank accessible for all fitness levels and then we power through a 3-4 minute plank together! Just press play and do it! Each day it will get easier as you get stronger! 

A second family and group of inspiring women, Radiance Yoga promotes every body as a yoga body. Choose from many online classes to meet your yoga/movement needs. There are short led meditations and stretching videos to full hour long flows. Enjoy yoga from the comfort of your home or anywhere on the go! 

Wim Hof Breathing Method

Try this breathing method to biohack the body and mind. Work it into your daily practices. If you haven't heard of The Ice Man, watch this documentary!

A beautiful soul, Hannah is inspiring the world thorough yoga, dance, reiki, RTT (Rapid Transformation Therapy), and inner voice work. Check out her website to schedule a booking today! 

inner voice therapy

I had the great pleasure of connecting with Jayne on the island Gili Air in Indonesia. She was teaching at H20 Yoga and I was so inspired by her classes. Jayne, thank you for sharing your light with the world! Check out a few of her guided meditations or yoga videos. 

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