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My Story 

     Namaste. The light in me sees and honors the light in you. This is a greeting in some Asian cultures and is a term often used in yoga classes. I am Cameron Klass, creator of Root to Rise, born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. Since graduating from the University of Mississippi in 2015, I have taken quite an unconventional approach to this journey of life. 

     I spent three years gathering inspiration and experience backpacking through South America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Morocco, India, and Nepal. Following my passion to explore foreign lands and cultures, I ate my way around the world. I fell in love with the art of food: where it comes from, how it is grown, how it affects the body, and how to be mindful of all the steps to get it to the end of my fork. 

     Through feeding my soul via travel and countless one-of-a-kind plant-based dishes, my spirituality was deepening as well. I obtained my yoga teacher training and Reiki certification in India. This furthered my practice as did the introduction to meditation. I have learned through experience that to attain a lifestyle of health and wellness there needs to be balance and harmony in one's lifestyle as a whole. "Living more natural and mindful" seems to be the most clear way to phrase it.

    University studies in marketing and my own personal investigations have led me to distrust the giant food corporations when it comes to health. Government officials and agencies who regulate food safety rules do not always make decisions that promote health and the public welfare. Chemicals and known carcinogens, are allowed into our food supply. It seems that wealth and greed are becoming the foundation for far too many people and businesses. We, the unsuspecting general public, are the ones who suffer because of this. I believe that love, equality, and sustainable living are the foundations we should base our lives on. We need to adopt a more holistic approach to health and medicine.

     I want to help create a happier, more positive and sustainable lifestyle and environment that is both fun and fulfilling. I am on a never-ending quest for zest: learning, exploring, traveling, eating, growing, meditating, and yoga-ing. I want to share and embark on this journey with y'all too! I am currently in South East Asia, learning new recipes and deepening my journey to the self. 

     Thanks for taking this adventure, this leap into the unknown, as we explore and grow together! 

     If you would like private health consulting please contact me directly, I am here to help encourage and support you along your journey to your best self. 

with love,

Chef Cameron 

Travel blogger
Vegan Health coach
Holistic Health Coach

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