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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."


30 Awesome Hacks for Fruit & Vegetables


My Fasting Diary

As I develop my fasting practice I will do my best to document the journeys. Intermittent fasting, fruit fasting, coconut water fasting, juice fasting, water fasting....! My intention is to offer insight into my own personal experiences so if you are curious about fasting or new to the practice, it won't have to seem intimidating!

Each fast is unique in its own way, and detox symptoms will vary each time. There will be major differences from each fasting experience because physical, mental, energetic and environmental factors all influence the process. Fasting experiences will also differ greatly from person to person, so being mindful to not involve a certain level of comparison is important. Without judgement to past experiences or others, it will be an experiment of my own to just collect and observe the data of my practices.


The Complete Beginner's Guide to Fermenting Foods at Home


Adaptogenic Herbs of Ayurveda

By: Banyan Botanicals


How To Stop Food Waste

By: Food Revolution


Consumption Journal

Root to Rise Consumption Journal
Download PDF • 4.55MB

Print the PDF and keep track of your weekly consumption according to the included information and guidelines. This is a FREE resource for your wellness journey! If you would like to set up a donation-based consultation to review your chart, reach out via email!


EWG Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen List

A guide for what produce to buy organic based on levels of pesticides.


Pesticides in Our Food:

Whitewash Book Could Get Monsanto’s Roundup (Glyphosate) Banned Forever

By: Vani Hari

Scientists Said Monsanto Chemical Was Safe, They Were Wrong. It Causes Cancer.

By: Vani Hari

Monsanto Must Pay Couple $2bn in Largest Verdict Yet Over Cancer Claims

By: Sam Levin, The Guardian


Ayurvedic Diet In The Modern World

By: Cameron Klass


The Initiation: Juice Fasting

About Andrea Paige

Online Support Juice Fasting

Health Coach Training

Live for Vitality

Fast: The Magic Healing Dose (video)



Dr. Mark Hyman


Broken Brain Series



The Food Babe Way


Feeding You Lies, book



Documentary List:

Game Changers

What the Health



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