Moon Planting - Astrological Influence on Agriculture

Do you think the moon can effect agriculture? Have you ever heard of 'moon planting'? In this research paper, I give an overview of the scientific and spiritual perspectives and aim to bridge the gap between the two opposing views. I touch on biodynamics, indigenous wisdom, circadian rhythms, and female wisdom.

By: Cameron Klass

Outside Environment: Gardening

Your Ultimate Guide to Square Foot Gardening

The Square Foot Gardening Foundation: Our Method

The Garden Glove: Square Foot Spacing Guide

How to Build a Regenerative Garden at Home

Composting Guru

Natural Cleaning Tips and Recipes 

By: Katie Wells, Wellness Mama

Information on 5g:

Resonance: Beings of Frequency (documentary)

This Is Exactly Why Everyone Loves Salt Lamps

By: James Winskowski

Smudging 101: Cleansing Your Home With Sage & Palo Santo

By: Sarah Ashley Spiegel

Feng Shui Home Tips:

Feng Shui Home Decorating Ideas

8 Feng Shui Tips That Could Change Your Life

Use Feng Shui to Become Abundant Today

Spice Up Your Bedroom with Fung Shui


Color meaning and Psychology

Feng Shui Color for Home Design

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