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Nusa Penida, Indonesia (2020)

My Quest For Zest...

What To Do

What To Eat



Nusa Penida, Indonesia. How to get there, what to do, where to stay, best beaches, where to eat. Vegan restaurants in Nusa Penida. Best beaches in Nusa Penida. Backpacking Indonesia on a budget.


This island is a must visit! It’s easy to access from Bali and offers some of the most stunning beaches I’ve seen! The day I made the boat journey the waves were a bit choppy, making it more like a stomach dropping roller coaster, but it was a good laugh. Luckily the journey isn’t too long! Just head to the port in Bali and you can easily find a cheap boat going or book online!

The island was more peaceful and laid back than Bali, also a lot smaller. You can find cheap places to stay that are 5 star quality (in my onion) and offer a simple free breakfast! It does make a difference if you are traveling with someone and can split the cost of having your own private bungalow. Splitting a bungalow will end up being the same price as a dorm per individual. There are hostel options on the island though for budget solo style! There is plenty to explore and do, so I recommend 3-5 days to really soak in the beauty. Renting a scooter is a must, but drive slow and be extra cautious, the roads are narrow, windy, and hilly. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it the best way to explore the island. If a scooter isn't on your itinerary, you can hire a taxi for the day to take you around to the different beaches. But the freedom of a's hard to beat....

The beaches are beautiful and there are plenty of them to adventure to. Trust me, you're going to want to see them all!

What To Do

1. Diamond beach is even more beautiful in person than the hundreds of photos you’ve seen on instagram. It’s worth at least a half day visit to relax on the beach and absorb the energy around you. The way down to the beach is etched into the side of the cliff, and is a lot of stairs, but it’s a breathtaking stroll.

2. A trip to Tembeling Beach is highly recommended. There is a cliff you can jump from into a deep pool, if you dare to take the risk (so scary haha!). There are small natural pools you can relax in, or play in…if the local kids are there swimming too. There are two beaches, one full of stacked rocks, so make sure to check it out and leave your mark! There are three methods for arriving to Tembeling, 1) risk driving the treacherous path, 2) park your scooter at the entrance and have a driver drop you at the walking point 3) park your scooter and enjoy a nice (but long) stroll. I opted to walk and enjoyed the journey on foot, but it is steep at some parts!

3. Crystal Beach offers some great snorkel without a big wave break. The drive there is super scenic with rows of palms lining the way! Don't worry if you don't have a mask, you can rent on the beach!

4. Banah Cliff I only recommend to the extreme adventurer; although beautiful, the view isn’t worth the risk. The way from Tembeling Beach was on a hilly dirt road that was super difficult (and dangerous) on the scooter. Possibly there is another route to reach the viewpoint... On our journey a local luckily came to help navigate the way, otherwise we would have turned around.

5. I didn’t make it to Kelingking Beach but am going to recommend it because it was on my list of to-dos and looks incredible!

What To Eat

1. Don't hate me...I can't remember the name of this restaurant...But I'll post the photo so you can play scavenger hunt! Let me know when you find it! It's got an amazing sunset view on the volcano! The food is decent and the live music really sets the ambiance. They have a pool and beach bean bags to relax!

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