Not only is how we relate to ourself important to overall health and happiness, but how we relate to family, friends, colleagues, strangers... Our interactions often influence our thoughts and idea of self. Creating open and loving communication can be practiced to create safe and healthy relationships.

Codependency and Complex Trauma - Attachment Issues

Are you an anxious or avoidant attachment style? Knowing your type and the type of your partner along with the characteristics of each will help create harmonious communication and understanding.

Attachment Dynamics

Noticing your patterns and the characteristics of your 'type' can help spark awareness to help build better communication within relationships. The deeper you understand yourself, the more authentic and rewarding your relationships with others can be. 

Non-Violent Communication - Marshall Rosenberg

Soul Contracts, Twin Flames & Soul Mates Redefined - Matt Kahn

The 5 Love Languages - Dr. Gary Chapman

What's your love language? Find out with this quiz!

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