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Self Diagnosis

There’s a lot of information out there in mainstream psychology about trauma.But what is trauma from a spiritual perspective? Knowing what trauma is spiritually will be crucial if you’re an empath or sensitive. In fact, if you’re a sensitive, it’s likely that you carry trauma without even knowing it!

In this video you’ll learn:

-What trauma is from a spiritual perspective.

-How you can have trauma without even knowing it.

-The top spiritual issue with trauma that makes it hard to heal sometimes.

-4-step practice to help you heal trauma effectively.


UZAZU Embodied Intelligence

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence gives you an effective way to immediately access the embodied states that empower you to easefully & vibrantly engage in each moment.

Unlike a personality-focused assessment, which gives you insight into your behaviors and motivations, this embodied intelligence assessment helps you clarify which states you more often tend to embody—so you can get actionable clarity on what are your key your embodied strengths, AND the precise imbalanced states holding you back!

And then, even more importantly, from there you can quickly learn how you can SHIFT YOUR STATE—so you can naturally experience more ease & joy—without having to overthink things!


Consumption Journal

Root to Rise Consumption Journal
Download PDF • 4.55MB

Print the PDF and keep track of your weekly consumption according to the included information and guidelines. This is a FREE resource for your wellness journey! If you would like to set up a donation-based consultation to review your chart, reach out via email!


Root Cause Resolution

By: Dr. Kelly Brogan


Tapping: EFT


How to Build Bulletproof Immunity

The Life Regenerator


What Your Tongue Says About Your Health


What's Your Dosha? Understanding Ayurveda 


Traditional Chinese Medicine 






What'sYour Poop Telling You?


Enneagram (Personality Test)


Astrology for Personality

The Pattern: Daily App Interpretations

Have your natal astrology chart read and interpreted by astrologer (and friend) Caroline Naughton. How the planets lined up during your time of birth can help as a tool to understanding who you are, your patterns and behaviors, and other personality traits. There are many more layers than just your sun sign, which you may be familiar with or read about in your daily horoscope. Click the link to find out more information or book your consultation today!


Crystals for Healing




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