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How to Have DEEP SLEEP to Energize Your Mind & Body?: Part 1 I BK Shivani

Watch BK Shivani in conversation with Hon. Michael Tibollo, Minister for Mental Health & Addictions, Ontario, Canada. She explains why life feels like a bit of a struggle today, how to change how we feel, the sources for our thoughts, sustaining our emotional and mental energy as we go through the day, sleep hygiene and lifestyle changes that support healthy and happy living.


Yoga Nidra 20 Minute Guided Meditation

By: Lizzy Hill


Manifesting Your Deepest Desires Meditation

Manifestation meditation for relaxation, visualization, and a peaceful night sleep. Make your dreams and deepest desires your reality!


Binaural Sleep Meditation

By: Nu Meditation Music


Essential Oils and Sleep

By: Doterra


Fall Asleep Fast: The Best Tea For Sleep

By: Erika Marty


Circadian Code To Extend Longevity

TEDx Talks - Learn all about circadian rhythms and the importance it plays in a healthy lifestyle and weight management.


Importance of Sleep: Six Reasons to Not Scrimp on Sleep

By: Harvard Health Publishing


Sleep Loss Affects Your Waistline

By: European Society of Endocrinology


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