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Setting the Foundation, written and self-published by me, Cameron Klass, is a natural health and wellness guide book. It gives clear and concise information so you can better understand our food: where it comes from and how it effects the body.


The content presented in this book will help you better understand what is best for you and your body along your journey to optimum health. It includes:

-information about the USA food industry,

-how to shop "smart" and on a budget,

-how to clear out the bad and add in good ingredients,

-how to make healthy living easy and sustainable,

-vitamin and mineral guides,

-a list of hidden names for sugar and MSG,

-a list of commonly found chemicals in our food and how they effect the body,

-how to create a healthy home, 

-and so much more!


Whether you are just beginning your journey to healthy and conscious living or you have been practicing mindful living for years, this book will offer new inspirations and knowledge. 

Setting The Foundation, Holistic Health Book

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