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Germany (2017)

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After my travels in Chile and Argentina, South America I found myself in Germany visiting the family of my boyfriend at the time, and spending a month volunteering on a farm. I had the opportunity to both site see and live like a local.

I really enjoyed my experience on the farm. I found the opportunity via WorkAway and it was a perfect fit. I spent my mornings helping in the vegetable garden or preparing lunch for the other volunteers and the afternoons reading, doing yoga, attempting to decode the German language...

This was a farm-to-table experience. The foods we ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner were harvested from the fields or given from neighboring farms. The farm had cows, chickens, pigs and a couple bunnies for the kids. It was interesting to see the animals role in the farm and when they helped aid in sustainability. As my time was dedicated to the vegetables, I didn't work much with the animals, however, taking the house compost to the pigs for their meal was enjoyable! I fed the chickens and collected eggs one day just for the experience. I also tried my hand at milking a cow to better understand the process and form knowledge for my own opinions on dairy. The vegetable garden was best suited for me.

The experience of planting, weeding, watching and waiting, harvesting, preparing and eating was such a gift. This time helped cultivate and strengthen my gratitude for this earth, for the sun and for water, for the miracle of life and the knowing that everything is connected.

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