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Hungary (2018)

Where To Go

My Quest For Zest...



Ozora Music Festival



After completing the Camino de Santiago, I made my way to Budapest, Hungary. My quest here was to attend the Ozora Music Festival; however, time allowed me to spend time exploring the wonders of the Budapest first.

I had previously been to Budapest in 2014 during my study abroad trip. I was surprised to see how things were the same, yet things were different, and my perspective had broadened since years passed.

I enjoyed the architecture in the city so much. Almost, but not quite as much as I enjoyed having a spa day at the famous baths! I saw some famous and historic sites and treated myself to good vegan food finds. I loved the food truck vendors selling innovative veg food galore. In the old ruin bars, it made me laugh and also wonder why the world doesn't do this: late night carrot snack. The bar would offer everyone large carrots for a snack!

Budapest quickly became a city I would want to return to.

The festival Ozora was my intended reason for visiting Hungary. It was my first time attending a camping music festival...What have I been doing with my life!?! The energy was amazing: accepting, open, creative, connected, loud haha. The food was surprisingly so good with a majority of plant-based cuisine vendors. The market stalls were selling all my favorite clothes, jewelry and knick-knacks. Although psy-trance music hadn't been on my radar for too long, there were multiple stages with an array of styles. I was always able to find a place to be and enjoy! If I needed a break from dancing and hula hooping, I found myself attending yoga, hanging at the cooking area, crafting at the art center, or attending a workshop. Festivals offer so much more than just music, they offer an atmosphere and energy to express, grow, learn, and absorb inspiration.

I had an amazing trip dancing my heart out and feeling the rhythm of the universe. It was a fun reminder to balance work and play, to allow time for fun and creativity!

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