Koh Phangan, Thailand (2020)

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It was bittersweet leaving Indonesia, the past two months had been paradise... Yet, I had a lot to look forward to. Originally my itinerary was as follows for Thailand: Koh Phangan 10 days to enjoy the beach and relax, Chiang Mai/Pi 5 days for temple visits, hot springs and cooking classes, then a flight into Vietnam. However, as Covid-19 spread exponentially around the world, borders throughout Southeast Asia closed, and I became grounded in Koh Phangan. Despite missing family back home in the USA, being quarantined on an island in the tropics wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

I have spent 5+ months in Koh Phangan and love the place more and more each day. My first impression of the island was tainted with comparisons to Indonesia. The prices were higher, and the beaches appeared similar. The cafes more expensive and the food not as unique or outstanding comparatively... but the local Thai food and the abundance of options right away blew me away. The night markets and food stalls are cheap, delicious and offer a wide selection to vegans/vegetarians. I spent the first two weeks driving every day from Srithanu to Thong Sala just for the cheap, fresh local food.

When markets closed and restaurants resorted to take-away I tended to cook more in my beach bungalow with an occasional pick-up, limiting my food-crawl but having more time and resources to maximize my coast exploration. However, as time passed and no new cases of Corona were present on the island, things slowly began to re-open and my cafe hop was restored.

My heart grew fond of Koh Phangan for the spiritual energy that vibrates around Srithanu, the fresh juices and flavorful food finds, t