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Scotland (2017)

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St. Cuthbert's Way (pilgrimage)



What a blessing that during the time I was in Europe, my parents and members of their church were embarking on a pilgrimage to Scotland, the journey of Saint Cuthbert. It was a 10 day walk through the hills, ending in Lindisfarne. A magical area that only becomes accessible during low tide.

I met the group in Edinburgh and was happy to reunite with my parents and familiar faces. Greeted with hugs and warm embraces, I knew the journey together was going to be a positive experience. This was my first time to Scotland, despite my time studying abroad in close proximity in 2014. The group was given the opportunity to explore the city at our leisure before the trek would begin. I found some good eats but was mostly just blown away by the architecture!

On the spiritual journey St. Cuthbert's Way, each day begun together in blessings of gratitude, good health and community before setting out on the path. Walking would average around 13 miles a day. I think all of us on the journey felt lucky we didn't experience the typical rainy Scotland weather and were blessed with a weeks reprieve. The time on the physical journey was accompanied by a mental and spiritual journey. I enjoyed getting to know women and men of all ages in my community at home on a deeper level. This helped to further open me up to the meaning of life, the power of perspective, and the importance of community.

Sharing this experience, culturally and spiritually with my parents and home community filled my heart with love and deep connection.

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Cameron, Love your website! Congratulations! Your pictures of Saint Cuthbert's Way have made me so "homesick" for that pilgrimage.

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